Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leaping Monkeys

Had a great walk today round Bukit shahbandar... even did that last set of Killer steps!
H and i rewarded ourselves with a coconut... and a bit more of a chat.. and then went our separate ways..
I decided to go home via Pantai meragang.. just to have a look and see what was happening down there..

I also bumped in to some ladies i knew from my days assisting the animal shelter..
Rita now has 7 dogs in her care(The animal shelter has no shelter .. its the volunteers that take the animals in their homes...) the other lady Joan has 2 pups rescued from the beach.. and they were trying to locate the other dogs that were usually there...
One of the dogs turned up... she is a beauty..

sadly the little black puppy didnt show up.... but he could have been hiding..

There was a lot of commotion as we chatted and i could see that the monkeys were leaping off the palm leaves and in to the water.. Just hurling themselves wildly and then swimming across the river and once they reached the other side, they would forage for food.. and then swim back..

Not the clearest pic but you should JUST make out the monkey in free fall

About here!!

Once they had done with being on the other side of the river bank.. and got themselves enough food to eat..

they swam back to the other side, and all scrambled out of the water on to the
Palm leaf..

It was a very funny sight to see.. this queue of monkeys trying to get out the water..

I love it here.. im just soo lucky to get to see all this.. x

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