Sunday, March 14, 2010

Temburong Day trip, Canopy walk.

Sunday 14th March.. at 0615 My husband  steve and i were wide awake.. not bad after having a brilliant night out until midnight Saturday..
Today was Temburong day..
I think unless you have lived under a stone the last 10 years.. you may have heard of this place.. as its been on many travel programmes. Its basically a day out with a walk up into the rainforest canopy.. with views, far & wide..

So we arrived in Bandar Seri Bagawan at OH730! and actually struggled to find a parking space (Its Sunday!).. but eventually we did.. we met up with some other friends who had some visitors here.
We were all eager to get on the way.. but you first of all have to sign in, and give your passport number .. then you get a seat on the boat (these boats are also known as Flying Coffins!)

The journey takes about 45 minutes.. and is quite a fun way to start the day...

We arrived and were greeted by lots of secadas and Rhino horn beatles and butterflies and moths.. it was quite surreal...

were then were whisked off the the Sumbling Eco Resort.. (a very posh title... and resort was maybe slightly overstretched) BUT.. i think given time.. these guys will make it a great eco resort..

We had some tea and some Makan of fried banana,(cucur pisang) green bean paste fritters, and rice with shrimp paste... The cucur Pisang is my very LOW cal favourite!!

We then were shown.. and helped.. to make marinaded chicken with ginger lemongrass,pepper and tamarind..


Sheila and i were able to 'assist' with the making of this lunch.. which was then put into a hollowed out Bamboo over a hot flame..
its technical name was Bamboo chicken!

then we headed Off up the river.. Its an awesome way to travel in these long boats.. as if one person moves.. YOU ALL do!
we travelled a while.. then because the water is soo low we had to get out and walk a short way while the guys hauled the boat up thru the low water..

This was the only time we had to get out and walk... as the stones were pretty hard going on our knees...

We arrived at the base of the walk to the canopy steps.. and climbed the stairs and the forest floor the 385 meters up to start of the canopy walk... wow.. this was pretty darn warm!

well.. i wasnt convinced that Steve would be keen to do the canopy walk.. but he did.. and i was really pleased
although.. he did disappear down on the last tower, and didnt come up to the top which i thought was the best view!
This is US on tower 2.. i think..

This is steve heading toward the final tower.....

Me and my famous self portrait on the last tower... there was NO ONE else who would come up.. so self portrait time it was!!

so back we head to the longboat for the journey downstream..
sadly there was no water at the waterfall.. so we bypassed that!

we got back to the eco resort and had a lite lunch..
The veg closest in this pic is banana stem.. steamed.. it was very nice.. we also had the chicken that we helped make earlier too as well as veg rice and ommelette... all very tasty...

We all then (well ok some of us) were taken upstream and had a relaxing 20 minutes floating down the river on inner tubes...
Bliss!! what a great day


  1. Ooooh, sounded like someone had fun. I spent my honeymoon at the Ulu-Ulu Resort that was right next to the Canopy Walk drop off. So nice.

  2. What a fab day! I especially love the orange butterfly, what a beauty! And well done you for going up the scaffolding solo.

  3. Its a great day out... and the Sumbiling Eco Resort do make the day day fun and interesting too...
    Id do it again before i leave...
    Any takers???