Saturday, March 13, 2010


The theme this month is Garden Fairies..
Ummm i thought... thats really NOT a Tina Thing, as im not particularly pro fairy kind of person (although i have been known to wear a tutu every so often!)
So.. with my limited craft access and availability to the internet and printer at a very low ebb.. i rummaged thru the things i had available to me..
(Brunei has 'e speed' internet.. affectionately known as 'e slow!' usually we average 1 meg.. but thats not very often .. and is usually soo slow.. and also a dead hard drive and a printer thats out of ink... Joyous moments these are known as!!)

So it took a while but i played with the backgrounds, and decided to bin my first attempt of stars... and decided to use the new stamps id got thru from Mad About Cards (they deliver to BFPO..and they are cheap too. thats why i use them ..)

I just randomly put anything relevant to the garden on to the background.. and then used another stamp for the fairy.. she was meant to be an Edwardian lady!!
I do believe that less is more.. but i think i forgot this whilst i was making these ATCs..

Anyway whats done is done... so i will get them into the post asap...


  1. What is the size for ATC Tina?

  2. Your fairies are gorgeous! I am also hoping to complete Chriss' challenge this month and you have given me an idea. Thank you :) And I do hope you have access to more craft supplies soon. It's hard to be away from what we love....


    try this site..

    its 2.5x3.5 inches or 64x89 mm

    i really enjoy doing would be brill at it cos you are just sooo arty! x

  4. They're great!!! Very busy and very 'English cottage garden'...

    And I see my bunny punch made a cameo appearance there...