Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AT LAST pics of NZ!

OK.. well its taken time but I can at last upload a few pics of the epic trek in New Zealands South island!

These are out lovely friends who live in Christchurch.. Caroline & Dave... It was (as i said before) brill to catch up with them again after about 10 years..

this picture was taken looking in the general direction of Lyttleton.. where the first settlers arrived!
it was very much like the wilds of Scotland.. just warmer and sunnier..

The pic with the thistles was taken overlooking Akaroha bay.. BEAUTIFUL.. especially on a sunny day, but sadly it was cloudy..
had some fantastic Blue cod & Chips here ... polished off with a Flat white (coffee) and a Blueberry Muffin..

(well we were on our holidays!!)

In Christchurch.. we found the Antigua Boat sheds... it was the best place to put your aching feet up.. and watch all them bonkers japanese tourists take out a paddle boat or row boat..

for me.,. i would have chosen a punting trip and let someone else do the work!!

I'm not keen on aquatic foibles.. so we just watched from the safety of the cafe!!!

well who wouldn't??

OK.. so can you guess what this is..
it was taken at Kaikoura..

i have to say seeing these furry things was one of the highlights of my trip..

they are just soo..CUTE & seem to be
sleepy ALL the time..

they used to be in danger of extinction .. but not any more.. thankfully.. we saw plenty of them..

They are..
New Zealand Fur seals (and please no jokes about going out clubbing!!)

They are sooo Big... bigger than I'd ever imagined..
and boy, i have to tell you.. they dont half smell a bit.. BUT i still think they are totally amazing creatures!

This was taken just outside Havelock...

Ive no idea why its there..
who started it..or WHY!!
BUT for a warped mind like mine.. it made me smile and i got plenty of B&W pics and i just found it intriguing..
Allegedly there IS also one with BRAS on a fence.. but we didn't see that!

ill post more pics later..

I am a bit sore at the mo.. as i had a fall (!!) earlier while at Bukit shahbandar..

I'm ok.. had a stitch in my knee (no anaesthetic either!!) and have hurt my left hand and have a bump on me head and a cut the bridge of my nose...
well it wasnt what id planned .. but hey.. at least me and my friend helen have an even stronger bond now.. after me nearly fainting on her!!!
more pics and waffle later x


  1. Fab post and brill pics...looking forward to more.
    Thanks for sharing

    chriss x

  2. word verification was bledulas...

    bled u las.... spooky for the post above with all the talk of you and your bleeding.

    criss x