Friday, March 5, 2010

Bukit Bumps!

Had a funny day on Wednesday.. Helen and i did Bukit.. and had a good old natter about life the world and everything on the way round(as per normal) and we both tried to push ourselves this time.. not a world record breaking time but ..a good time considering we have been pretty lazy at doing any physical stuff!

anyway.. we came out the jungle and were very pleased with ourselves...

There were plenty of people there ..having a post bukit rest on the exercise equipment(!!) so helen suggested we walk along the massage stones..
(these are rounded stones set in to concrete on a pathway designated for the purpose of massaging your feet!)
so .. being wimps (and knowing how painful they are to walk on) we kept our shoes on.. but.. there was a guy strimming the grass.. and it was flicking the stones up at us.. so we thought, wed just run past him..
easy peasy..
good plan!
unless youre a complete doris like me!

Im not sure what happened.. but i know i turned to wave & say thanks to the bloke as he had stopped strimming when he saw us trying to run past, and then..
i was headbutting the stones.. and kinda thought..oh i think that hurt!

Helen was like 'teen??'TEEN!! and then i realised that my hands hurt as well as my head and oh.. i think my knee was sore too..

Anyway.. i was very lucky to have alot of people there at bukit that day (!?) i think Helen could have sold tickets to view the damaged Orang Putih!

Lots of people came to my aid.. one ran all the way to the bottom car park to get Helens car.. another decided to manipulate my leg for me!(yeah thanks mate!) some insisted i sit up.. move to my side.. i insisted i lay down!!
When i did sit up.. it all went a bit grey n fuzzy.. just like on the movies!!(lol)
I could hear Helen saying..Talk to me.. and in my head i was talking back, but nothing came out.. for a while..(it didnt last long believe me..)
Then Roger appeared like an aparition..
he was a medical man with the red cross(cue angels harps n strings.. My / our saviour!!)

He was brilliant. Helen could understand him more.. i struggled with the accent, as he was from barcelona.. He kept mentioning about me being sued.. and i was like i wont sue you..
Helen then advised me.. that he meant i needed to be sewn.. on my knee.. DOH!!

Thankfully..with His help.. Helens patience, and Drs and nurses at JPMC (Jerudong Park Medical Centre) with a strong stomach to get thru the smell of 2 sweaty people who have just done bukit...  i was x rayed, sewn and strapped up.. 
BUT.. im ok..
the bruises are coming out slowly (and im sure they are multiplying)the bump on my head is slowly going..the cut on the bridge of my nose is ok.. the hand is easing and the swelling going down nicely.. and the stitch is out of my knee on weds next week..

SO..anyone for bukit next week... but no stone walking afterwards??

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  1. Poor you, but you know how to tell a story.

    take care

    chriss x