Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday ...

A few of us met up for lunch yesterday instead on our usual monday ... as it was my Birthday..
Helen suggested we do something... (i figured forget the fact i was 45 was a good start) but after much debate.. and deep thought (2 seconds is deep for Me!) i figured.. Sushi!

A because it is really well air conditioned
B because it is really well air conditioned..
c cos i like it there..

Strangely.. I dont like sushi at all...
but i always find something i like...

It was lovely to meet up with just a few of the girls i know here.. i didnt want any fuss...
and im not that keen on big groups of people..

I always worry that i should have invited X Y and Z.. but i really couldnt face a big crowd..
(there has been soo much happening recently.. i think im in a bit of a tailspin!!steve would say PMT!!)

I had a lovely lunch.. specially as i got to have a birthday cuddle with Clauds too.... x

In the Evening.. we went out for supper at I lotus..
we had the VIP room.. which was laid out really nicely...
and ate far too much nice food like this Mango fish..

I love the mango fish ...

and we drank far too much............................... TEA too..... but who needs booze! we had a lovely evening and no booze at all..
i think the tea had the same effect as wine anyway..
Brilliant birthday.. and my last one in the Abode of Peace..

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  1. The mango fish looks deelish!

    Glad you had a good day, love.